Rene Furterer 5 Sens Hair and Body Oil

Winter season is coming. But before winter, we have to battle fall which means the changing weather will have a lot of effects to our hair and skin. Dryness of hair and skin is always an issue when the seasons change. Sweater weather means we need to hydrate not just with water but with other essentials as well. Hydrating lotions and oils are staples in our vanity when the cold weather begins.

Cold weather paired with dry indoor air will take the moisture out of our hair and skin. They will leave them dry, cracked and even scaly. However, it’s not just the cold weather that leaves our hair and skin dry. During other times of the year, we also experience dryness. That is why it is important to protect our hair and skin from harsh elements. In order for your hair to maintain its healthy shine and for your skin’s glow, you need to have hydrating hair and body oils in your arsenal.


3 Reasons Why We Need Body Oils

  1. Oils will give that extra hit of moisture.
    Body lotions, creams, and moisturizers can do wonders in keeping our skin nourished and hydrated. However, hair and body oils will provide that extra hit of moisture that your body will need. Body oils can also repair your cracked skin. Because of its hydrating benefits, it can also heal scars, reduce stretch marks, tackle cellulite, and smooth irritated skin.

  2. Body oils can be an alternative way to wear a fragrance.
    Since oils are made with the finest ingredients, you can use it on its own or enhance the scent of your perfume. Not only does it work to hydrate skin but also as a fragrance.

  3. Body oil can be used to hydrate dry and damaged hair.
    Body oils are not just for your skin; they can also benefit your tresses. Some body oils are formulated to multitask and can help you repair and protect your hair. Body oils can also be used to keep your hair smooth, shiny, and frizz-free.


Did you know that you can have one product to hydrate your hair and skin at the same time? Never heard of it? Then you are not maximizing your money’s worth with the products you use.


Avoid Dry Skin and Damaged Hair with Rene Furterer 5 Sens Hair and Body Oil

Let us introduce you to Rene Furterer’s 5 Sens Hair and Body Oil. This multitasking product will change your life and how you see body oils. Formulated with Rene Furterer’s botanical expertise, 5 Sens enhancing dry oil is made with 5 essential plant oils that make up the perfect balance between nourishment without the greasy feel. These 5 plant-based oils are safflower, sweet almond, avocado, castor, and jojoba oil. This hair and body product is also silicone-free so you are assured that your hair and skin is free from harsh chemicals. The 5 Sens Hair and Body Oil has a captivating yet subtle fragrance and a dry-touch texture. This will leave your skin with a satin finish and your hair with a radiant shine.

Instead of buying multiple products that will just crowd your vanity, why not go for a multitasking product? Rene Furterer’s 5 Sens Hair and Body Oil is a worthy investment. You can thank us later.

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