Rene Furterer New Triphasic ATP Intensive

Falling hair is a normal occurrence. It’s normal to shed some hair every day, no need to be worried. Hair normally goes through a cycle. First is the anagen phase or hair growth which lasts for two to six years, sometimes longer. This is followed by the catagen phase, which is just a short transition stage meaning the end of active hair growth. Next is the telogen phase which lasts for about three months. This phase is when the hair rests. At the end of this phase, hair falls out and replaces by new ones. On the average, we lose about 100 strands per day.

However, if your hair is thinning in texture and if your part is getting wider, then that’s a cause for alarm. Falling hair on pillow cases, on your hairbrush, on the floor, and even hair clogging your bath’s drainage. If you are one of the people experiencing these scenarios, then you might be experiencing hair loss at a different level. This might be caused by different factors – hereditary or triggered by a particular event.


Causes of Thinning Hair

  • Hereditary or Gradual Hair Loss

The three causes of gradual hair loss are vascular, hormonal, and tissular. Vascular cause means there is poor blood flow to the hair bulb so hair doesn’t get the important elements it needs in order to grow. Hormonal cause means there is an imbalance that causes excess sebum production that suffocates the hair as a result. The third cause or tissular cause means the tissue around the hair bulb turns rigid and irritated which shortens the life of the hair.

  • Triggered by an event

Sudden hair loss can be triggered by stress, fatigue or childbirth. The sudden occurrence of hair loss resulting from stress or childbirth can be the result of vascular and nutritional causes. Nutritional cause means there is a deficiency in the nutrients that are necessary for hair growth.


Whether you are experiencing gradual or sudden hair loss, it is hard to deal with thinning hair. There’s always the case of losing self-confidence and anxiety because you feel like losing a part of your identity. Specific solutions can be made in order to combat hair loss. You can consult a doctor or you can try using hair products that are tried and tested to deal with this problem.


Fight Hair Loss with New Triphasic ATP Intensive by Rene Furterer

Experts in the hair industry have always recommended the use of Rene Furterer products. Rene Furterer is known for hair products made with 100% natural-origin ingredients. Their newest product, Triphasic VHT is a regenerating treatment for gradual hair loss.

The Triphasic is a complete anti-hair loss treatment for all factors responsible for progressive hair loss. This product features a new formula with 3 active steps for 3 targeted actions, namely:

1) A tissue action with ATP is the source of essential energy for hair follicles which are the source of new hair;

2) Vascular action with Pfaffia promotes the vascularization and microcirculation of the scalp and;

3) Hormone action from Hydrolyzed Curcibia ensures efficacy in regulating sebum secretion. These three ensures treatment at the follicle level. The Triphasic ATP Intensive makes sure that strong hair growth is stimulated and existing hair growth is protected.

If you are experiencing gradual hair loss, do not just sit there and sulk in self-pity. Regain your confidence by using Rene Furterer New Triphasic ATP Intensive.


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