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Rene Furterer - Triphasic Hair Loss Treatment for Progressive Hair Loss 8 Vials

Quick Overview

Highly effective treatment addresses progressive (genetics) hair loss, most commonly affects men and women over 40.

TRIPHASIC VHT counteracts thinning hair with a convenient, natural and scientifically proven triple patented formula that specifically targets the three major causes of hereditary thinning hair: Vascular, Hormonal, and Tissular. It works directly on these factors with three active phases that result in stronger, faster and noticeable hair growth.

Rene Furterer Triphisic VHT serum contains the nutritive elements contained in lacto-serum, sulfured amino acids, oligo-elements, vitamins B5, B6, PP, beta-carotene and essential oils necessary for the health and vigor of the hair.

Application :

TRIPHASIC VHT is applied on the clean scalp. 
Prepere the scalp with Complex 5 and shampoo with Forticia Stimulating Shampoo. Right before use, shake to blend the three phases and apply to the roots, section by section. Massage lightly into scalp. Do not rinse.

Use :

3-month treatment = 2 boxes
1st month : 2 vials a week (1 box)
2nd and 3rd month : 1 vial a week (1 box)

Study :

- In just one month, 83% of positive results of strengthened hair
(test carried on 78 persons)

To find out more about hair loss and the effects: DermatoMag - Gradual hair loss. Benefits of TRIPHASIC VHT ATP INTENSIF - Regenerating treatment for hair loss - September 2014


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