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Its no surprise to the industry that stress is a big factor when the topic shifts to hair loss, however it has come to our attention at Beautymall.ca, that this pandemic has turned the knob passed OVERDRIVE. After diving into a frantic search, our independent surveyor and data analysis specialist has found that a large surge of hair loss issues are arising as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic; Here are some of  his findings:

It appears that whether you have been sick or not, everyone has been effected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The biggest issues are effecting those that have survived the fevers and complications arising from COVID-19 and now find themselves succumbing to the lingering effects. The statistics are becoming quite evident of the fact that hair loss should be a publicly known and acknowledged side-effect. As outlined is this article by Healthline.com, Out of 1700 survey participants from the "Survivor Corp" Facebook group (a COVID-19 survivors community), 1/3rd have responded confirming hair loss triggered by COVID-19. 


The American Academy of Dermatology has also published an article on their website Aad.org, confirming the same results. However, those who have not been sick are still not safe and are not excluded from the many people suffering from telogen effluvium (a common condition brought about by stress). In fact, todays strenuous social, political, and economical environments are the main components that by association reflect on our body (specifically the scalp) negatively. 

This is a serious issue that has been plaguing some of our clients and their loved ones, we are glad to be here to help them, and each of you. Take control of your scalp and - as a result - your hair! lean-on and utilize our culminated experience.

We highly encourage our selected program and recommend that if you or your loved ones are experiencing reactional (stress related) hair loss as of recent time (passed 2-5 months) that you take your scalp health in your hands and follow our advice. It can be a great gender-neutral gift for any loved one.

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