Maria Nila

Professional hair products from Maria Nila

Maria Nila offers high-quality professional hair care where all products are both vegan and sulfate and paraben-free. The range includes everything from shampoo and conditioner in various series to styling products and hair wax. When you choose hair products from Maria Nila, you are both kind to yourself and the animals. If you have previously used hair products containing sulfates and parabens, you will most likely notice a big difference when you use Maria Nila's hair products.

100% vegan haircare produced in Sweden

100% vegan and cruelty free products are developed out of love for animals, as they should not be part of haircare products. By providing high quality vegan beauty, we make it easy for everyone to take a step towards a sustainable and friendlier world.

Our safety and quality checks in every step of the production chain assure that our products have the highest possible quality, in every single unit. By driving and controlling the entire process from concept to product, we are able to guarantee healthy working conditions and high quality formulas.

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