“Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp like a plant in fertile soil.” - René Furterer

Typically, we only obsess over taking care of our hair when we begin losing it. We either endure it in silence or treat them with substandard products that just aggravate the problem. There are cases when we just resort to the Internet and immediately buy the very first hair loss product that pops up on the screen without even inspecting about its effectiveness.

Your hair is too significant to just entrust it a substandard product, or with a brand that knows nothing about hair science, those that only exist to sell and not to cure. As your hair is your crowning glory, it must not be taken for granted by using a wrong product or treatment that could lead you to balding.

René Furterer is a company founded on research and believes in natural essential oil as a valuable element for hair treatment. In fact, it has divided its hair treatment line into three categories to ensure that it tackles all types of hair loss and helps you solve your problem whatever that cause is.

These three René Furterer hair loss products have already helped millions of users from around the world, and surely it will do the same for you, too.

Hair loss product for the reactive type

If you’ve suffered from hair loss due to medication or some health-related issues, such as hormonal imbalance or stress, then RF 80 Concentrated Hair Strengthening Formula is the right product for you. It consists of various vitamins obtained from natural plants, penetrating roots and rejuvenating the scalp to make hair thicker and healthier. Ideal for busy professionals who are always on the go, it is applied only on a once-a-week basis.

Hair loss product due to genetic reasons

If you’re losing hair at an early age simply because of genetics, then Triphasic VHT Revitalizing Formula for Thin Hair is the one for you. This product is solely designed to tackle hair loss due to hereditary reasons, as it uses pfaffia paniculata extract crucial in enhancing micro-circulation. With this, even a person who has disintegrating scalp health at an early age will surely become hair loss-free after 2 to 3 months of twice-a-week treatment.

Hair loss due to chemicals

If you’ve started losing hair due to overexposure to various chemicals from different hair products, then Complexe 5 Regenerating Plant Extract is the solution to your problem. It is designed to penetrate the scalp and cleanse it intensely the way normal, everyday shampooing could not do. Through the cleansing power of combined lavender and orange essential oil, the hair grows healthier in the absence of harmful chemicals.