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Fighting Hair Loss

Fight Hair Loss with

Most Effective Natural Solution

Apply Rene Furterer’s Products.
Heal, Protect and Grow Your Hair Back.
Look Stunning Again Wherever You Go.

What is the biggest challenge you face when it comes to your hair?

The lack of hair volume that leaves your scalp unprotected.

The unexplained hair loss that shatters your confidence.

The lack of proven solutions that can heal your scalp, protect your hair, and promote hair growth.

What if you could…

Heal your scalp to stimulate new hair growth and speed up your recovery process.

Prevent new hair loss so you won’t have to go through the same pain again.

Find an all-in-one natural solution that will help you heal your scalp, grow your hair back, and look stunning again.

Introducing Rene Furterer’s Hair Loss Program,

The Most Effective All-Natural Solution to Hair Loss

We have used Rene Furterer’s hair loss program for over 18 years now, and we can ensure you that it is the most effective solution to hair loss. People, all around the world, are in love with this method, because they naturally heal their scalp, protect their hair, and stimulate new hair growth quickly and easily. It’s a dream come true!

Rene Furterer is one of the most innovative brands in hair care space. They were the first to create a 100% natural, plant-based hair product that is both effective and friendly to the environment. The combination of essential oils and patented plants enhances their therapeutic effect, offering a proven solution to any hair problem you have.

Rene Furterer wants to empower you to feel and live better by providing you with the opportunity to look your best. And it’s very simple. You just have to follow the hair loss program, and you’ll heal your scalp, grow your hair back, and start looking stunning again in every social setting – that’s a promise.

What makes us trustworthy?

18+ years of using the most effective hair loss program

20+ years of helping to fight hair loss

1000000 + satisfied customers worldwide

People all around the world LOVE and SWEAR by René Furterer’s Hair Loss Program. Here are some of their stories:

Excellent product! Although it takes time but its worth it, be patience. For the results are amazing, it helps my hair thicker. I don't have hair falls now. It makes my hair stronger, it has a very big improvement.


I’m happy with my purchase. This is not a first time I am using Rene Furterer products for thinning hair. Those products really works for me. I have used the entire routine after severe hairloss from chemotherapy. Its so easy to use step by step once a week. I 100% recommend these products!


The packaging: It looked nice and pretty. The tip of the ampule was easy to snap. Use a towel and paper towel.
The product itself: I have this spot on my top right hairline that’s thinner than the rest of my scalp. I targeted this and so far it’s looking alright. The instructions state I should use it for 12 weeks. I’m now on week 8 and I have no regrets. Some brands have this weird medicine smell, but it’s not the case for this one. The lemony scent was also soothing.
The price: it’s worth every penny.

Irada B., Real Estate Broker

Pregnancy was fine. But now hair starts falling out. Unfortunately already not breastfeeding. I continue taking supplements and I got this treatment on my own risk. No regrets. Awesome! The ingredients are compatible with my scalp. No irritation at all. I massage my scalp for about 5 minutes whenever I’m applying this. It promotes blood circulation. It’s also relaxing, I noticed. It is recommended once a week, but I am doing twice and I see results. The hair is much better.

Louise F., London, ON

Thinning runs in my family. I started to get spots in my 30's. Currently, I'm using Forticia Shampoo daily and doing Triphasic Progressive once a year and no complaints so far. This is an excellent product. It's not irritating my scalp as Nioxin did. The primary ingredient is water so it’s not greasy, unlike other brands. Smells great as well. Last time I bought it from and shipment in 3 days. Fast and reliable service.

Ross C. Nepean

What Happens Next?

1) Find out which type of hair loss you’re experiencing.

2) Select a tailored solution to your problem.

3) Follow the procedure, and you’ll heal your scalp, protect your hair, and start growing it back in no time.