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The first hair mask in the world that contains the powerful polymer – Hyaluronic acid, in an innovative formulation carefully designed to soften, strengthen and restore the hair's appearance.Three years of research and development at Mon Platin's labs resulted in a scientific breakthrough in hair ca..
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A treatment mask specially formulated for chemically straightened hair. Nourishes the hair with vital ingredients that may have been lost or damaged during the straightening process. It helps preserve the straightened result long-term. Does not contain any salts that are contra-indicated by the..
$48.00 $56.00
A dramatically effective therapeutic and moisturizing hair mask designed to repair damaged and colored hair. Adds rich moisture, suppleness, and vitality to the hair. Based on a unique formula for the prevention of static, comprising a mixture of exclusive, innovative silicone, olive oil, and silk p..
$48.00 $56.00
Nourishing and moisturizing treatment mask for blonde, bleached or lightened hair. It helps preserve the purity of colour. This mask contains no salts and is compatible with straightening treatments. It helps balance the hair´s pH levels and leaves hair shiny, rich, supple and vital. Special an..
$48.00 $56.00
Excellent Forticea combination for everyday energizing routine is available again at a reduced price!!! Easy and very effective hair-fortifying ritual. 1 step - Forticea Stimulating Shampoo 200mlThis shampoo is pretty concentrated and does not give much lather. Take a small amount of shampoo and e..
$101.00 $140.00
This complex is an excellent collection to repair dry or over-processed, damaged hair. A full cycle treatment set to repair 90%FELT HAIR WASINTENSELY NOURISHED* 96%FELT SCALP WASSOOTHED***SATISFACTION TEST. 70 WOMEN AFTER 15 DAYS OF USE.1. Rene Furterer - Karite Nutri - Intense Nourishing ..
$133.00 $164.00
TRIPHASIC PROGRESSIVE CONCENTRATED SERUM - For Hereditary And Hormonal Thinning HairTRIPHASIC ATP counteracts thinning hair with a convenient, natural, and scientifically proven triple patented formula that specifically targets the three major causes of hereditary thinning hair: Vascular, Hormonal, ..
$145.00 $164.00
TRIPHASIC ATP VHT counteracts thinning hair with a convenient, natural and scientifically proven triple patented formula that specifically targets the three major causes of hereditary thinning hair: Vascular, Hormonal and Tissular. It works directly on these factors with three active phases that res..
$326.00 $367.00
TRIPHASIC REACTIONAL CONCENTRATED SERUM - For Sudden, Temporary Thinning HairTRIPHASIC REACTIONAL reactivates hair growth and strengthens hair while preserving the scalp's natural balance. A unique complex of highly effective key ingredients, it combines 3 fundamental actions to help hair look visib..
$110.00 $129.00
3 x 30 capsulesBUY 2, GET 1 FREEThis dietary supplement acts on the 3 factors responsible for progressive hair loss. The formula stimulates the microcirculation, decreases the production of sebum and fortifies the hair bulb.FEATURESDietary supplement30 capsules per boxPromotes hair growthTreats prog..
$88.00 $125.00
3 x 30 capsulesThis daily dye-free plant-based dietary supplement addresses the two main causes of sudden, temporary hair thinning while energizing the scalp and providing the nutrients necessary for thicker, healthier-looking hair.LIMITED TIME OFFER. Purchase two boxes of supplements, receive the 3..
$88.00 $125.00
Rene Furterer Tonucia Natural Filler Ritual for ageing or weakened hairFormulated to combat the internal (biological clock) and external (stress, environmental) effects of aging on the scalp and hair, this pro-youth routine combines Tamarind Seed Extract, a plant-based hyaluronic acid, Orange Essent..
$79.00 $118.00
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