It is no longer news that the world population is aging radically. In fact, a 2017 research by Global Data Cosmetics shows that 20% of the current world population is over 50 years, and this number is expected to double by 2050. 

This aging population seems to be concentrated among women. As women age, their bodies, skin, and hair are radically affected. Studies show that 48% of French women have "thin, damaged and dull" hair, while 1 in every 2 women suffers from thin and weakened hair caused by aging. 

The consequence of the hair aging process includes reduced blood flow, an increase in the production of harmful free radicals that damage the hydrolipidic film, deregulation of MMP (metalloproteinases), destruction of the collagen and elastin fibers, among many others.

To avoid this consequence, women are in dire need of a solution that helps them maintain a youthful look. They want to feel good and have healthy hair even at old age. One of such products that is currently redefining the hair aging process for women while providing long-lasting efficiency with noticeable effects after the first use is Tonucia Natural Hair Filler.

Read on to find out about this amazing product.

What is the Tonucia Natural Hair Filler?

Tonucia Natural Hair Filler is a range of hair care products developed by René Furterer to satisfy women who want their hair to remain vibrant, healthy, and good-looking at all-times.

It is an innovative and ultra-effective solution created to satisfy the expectations of women with thin and weakened hair and those that suffer from baldness. 

Tonucia Natural Hair Filler includes three key products, which are: 

Tonucia Natural Filler Re-plumping Shampoo
This reformulated shampoo helps to clean the hair gently and supplies water to the scalp. 

Tonucia Natural Filler Re-plumping Conditioning Mask
Enriched with plant-based hyaluronic acid-like extract, this hair care product helps to detangle, rehydrate and re-densify the hair.

Tonucia Natural Filler Concentrated Youth Serum
This product preserves the scalp while fighting free radicals.

What are the unique features of Tonucia Natural Filler?

A solution for thin and weakened hair: Tonucia Natural Filler is all you need to solve challenges associated with thin and weakened hair. Made with natural and active ingredients, these hair care products target women above 40 years who are experiencing aging. It helps to restore hair density with more energy and beauty. Tonucia Natural Filler is also perfect for younger women age 30 to 40 who want to take preventive actions and give their hair a boost while making it radiant. 

Made with innovative natural ingredients: This unique range of hair care products are made with innovative and effective natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients include the following:

  • The plant-based hyaluronic acid-like extract derived from Tamarind seeds: The extract is obtained by mechanical separation, hot water extraction, filtration, precipitation, and drying. It is similar in structure and function to hyaluronic acid, a key molecule in anti-aging care. These ingredients help to redensify the hair fiber while hydrating the scalp and coating the hair fiber. 

  • It contains orange essential oil and a combination of vitamins: Orange essential oil gotten from Brazil, the US, and Mexico are key ingredients used in René Furterer products. The oil, which composes of Limonene with stimulating properties is extracted via a mechanical, heat-free extraction process. When combined with Vitamin B3, B5, B6, and B8, this hair care product promotes microcirculation in the scalp. It penetrates the hair fiber to the core of the cortex in just 5 minutes and reinforces the cohesion of hair scales.

  • Wheat Microproteins: This is extracted directly from wheat. It has low molecular weight and helps to restructure and strengthen the hair. 

  • Cimentrio in the mask and serum: The mask and serum contain Cimentrio which is naturally rich in proteins and lipids. It helps to reinforce the cohesion of the hair scalp while repairing fibers. 

  • Lemon Balm found in the serum only: The serum is made from lemon balm extracted from lemon balm leaves. It is a 100% natural-origin key ingredient that slows down collagen degradation in the scalp. 

A New and Original Sensory Signature: Furthermore, Tonucia Natural Filler is free from sulfate and silicon. It is between 89% and 95% natural. It also has a feminine addictive scent that you will love. 


If you truly need a product that is effective and provides instant results, then you should opt for Tonucia Natural Filler range of hair care products. These products instantly re-plums your hair. It protects the hair fiber, hydrates the scalp, thereby leaving you with strong, shiny, and incredibly soft hair. One more thing, these products are very much affordable.