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Skin Care

Brand: Pevonia
Brief Description:Reduce dark circles and puffiness and prevent fine lines for alluring eyes.Primary Benefits:Hydrate, protect, reduce eye puffiness and dark circles, tone and prevent fine lines with this lightweight eye gel.Who Needs It:For all skin types, especially young, sensitive, combination a..
Brand: Pevonia
Brief Description:Repair and rejuvenate your eye contour.Primary Benefits:Nourish, hydrate, smooth fine lines, firm, renew and protect the delicate skin around the eyes with this repairing eye cream.Who Needs IT:For skin under 30 that lacks moisture, feels tight, dry or sensitive and is beginning to..
Brand: Pevonia
Brief Description:Remove eye makeup gently for a soothed, refreshed eye contour.Primary Benefits:Remove eye makeup without irritation or oily residue, plus preserve the delicate eye area with this gentle, eye-makeup remover.Who Needs It:For those who wear eye makeup. Great for those who have eyelash..
Brand: Pevonia
To Reduce Puffiness and Ease Eye Lines & WrinklesThe skin of the eye contour is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the facial skin, making it vulnerable to the wear and tear caused by facial expressions, stress, digital eye strain, lack of sleep, and the environment. This typically cause..
Brand: Pevonia
Brief Description:Quickly lift, firm, smooth and brighten to wake up tired, aged eyes.Primary Benefits:Smooth wrinkles, skin texture, lift, firm, brighten, nourish and repair sun damage with this advanced, lightweight, hydrating eye fluid.Who Needs It:For those with wrinkles, uneven skin texture, dr..
Brand: Pevonia
Brief Description:Decrease wrinkles, crepiness, dark circles and puffiness for a youthful eye contour.Primary Benefits:Smooth crow's feet, crepiness and puffiness, reduce dark circles, repair sun damage, hydrate and moisturize with this high performance eye cream that truly addresses every eye area ..
Brand: Pevonia
Brief Description:Rehydrate, volumize, and rejuvenate this sensitive skin with our Rapid-Restore Lip Balm; designed not only to visibly smooth wrinkles and lines but to deeply nourish your lip contour!Primary Benefits:De-aging and rejuvenating; reduces lip wrinkles. Increases lip volume, and smooths..
Brand: Revive 7
Use the Revive7's Revitalizing Mascara every morning to add depth, colour, and volume to your lashes.Then use Revive7 Lash Serum as part of your nightly routine to nourish your lashes while you sleep.The results will be thicker, healthier, fuller lashes both day and night!Details: Mascara:◦ NEW..
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