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Hair Care

Brand: Amika
Meet your new salt bae. This innovative jelly shampoo utilizes charcoal, pink clay, and sea salt to deep clean, purify, rebalance, and soothe the scalp. Use it to instantly relieve and refresh even the most oily, itchy or sensitive scalps.BENEFITS Sea Salt – packed with essential minerals help..
FREQUENT USE SHAMPOO FOR SENSITIVE SCALPS - Rich in active ingredients selected for their softness, ASTERA SENSITIVE High-tolerance shampoo washes the hair while maintaining your scalp's delicate balance. It reinforces the natural daily defences of the scalp and decreases its reactivity. Enriched wi..
A bi-phase, cooling, pre-shampoo concentrate featuring Asteraceae extract plus Mint and Eucalyptus essential oils instantly soothes and calms scalp discomfort from the very first use. This premium glass bottle delivers precise dosage for application and features an exclusive targeted scalp massager ..
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