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Skin Care

Brand: BeautyMed
This creamy exfoliating care stimulates cellular renewal and improves skin texture.Features :Mature skins benefit from an anti-aging effect thanks to the exfoliation which reduces wrinkles and fine lines and fastens the cellular renewal.Dry to sensitive skins recover radiance and suppleness.Oily and..
Brand: Hylunia
The queen of exfoliating masks - gentle and soothing, removes dead skin build-up leaving your skin super soft and happy!This is a gentle and soothing exfoliating mask. The Papaya enzyme mask gently breaks down protein in dead skin cells and lightly exfoliates. Improves circulation, tone, texture, an..
Brand: Hylunia
This is Hylunia’s flagship body moisturizer – the eternal favorite of Hylunia customers. It is gentle, powerful, safe, extremely versatile and highly effective. Don’t travel without it.Dermatologically formulated as a therapeutic super-moisturizing treatment for dry skin, this cream is highly recomm..
Brand: Pevonia
Brief Description:CleanRefresh™ Foaming Oil Cleanser, a triple duty cleanser that features an advanced, lipid-rich, alcohol-free, and soap-free, exclusive formula. This beyond pleasurable cleansing oil transforms into a luscious, foamy cleanser turning a crucial step in your guests’ skincare health ..
Brand: Pevonia
Brief Description:Delightful, Natural Aromatic Oil Helps Hydrate and Alleviate DrynessKey Ingredients:Safflower OilLavender OilGrapefruit OilChamomile OilRose Flower OilSqualaneVitamin EProperty and Benefits:Advanced formula, non-greasy textureDe-stressing, promotes feeling of wellbeing and relaxati..
Brand: Pevonia
Brief Description:Enjoy a relaxing massage any time, anywhere.Primary Benefits:Release tension and fatigue, improve circulation, firm, nourish, repair, and relieve dryness with this uniquely smooth, aromatic massage cream.Who Needs It:Recommended for any type of body massage, especially for those wh..
Brand: Pevonia
Brief Description:Nourish, smooth, tone, and moisturize dry skin.Primary Benefits:Counteract dryness, nourish, energize, combat aging and protect with this hydrating moisturizer.Who needs it:For those with dry skin that feels tight, rough, or flakey and needs serious moisture. Great for those who wa..
Brand: Pevonia
Brief Description:Combat excessive dryness, dehydration, and premature aging.Primary Benefits:Ease dryness, hydrate, nourish, smooth wrinkles, even skin tone, fight free radicals and reduce stress with this highly concentrated, revitalizing serum.Who Needs It:For those with dry, dehydrated skin that..
Brand: BeautyMed
This Neutralizing Lotion has been specially formulated for post-peeling use, soothing specifics to restore comfort to the skin.NEUTRALIZING LOTIONThe treatments in the Peel Therapy line include peels based on fruit acids which act on the epidermis. These acids weaken the cohesion of cells between th..
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