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Multi-Action Hair CreamAn all-new, single action formula designed to provide four separate levels of vital benefits to the hair: appearance, treatment, protection, texture.Package: 250 mlAppearance: Leaves hair shiny and easy to control for easy, long-lasting styling. Adds volume and holding power. ..
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Naturia dry shampoo refreshes hair between shampoos. Its formula contains four types of powders to absorb sebum and other impurities on the hair as well as the scalp. Hair is volumized while maintaining movement.200 mlFEATURESTexturizes hairSkin color formula invisible on the scalpWith mint, basil, ..
Naturia Gentle Micellar Shampoo naturally purifies and balances all types of hair and scalps. Its gentle formula contains organic lavender floral water and castor oil providing light, hydrated hair with movement.FEATURESStrengthening and hydrating formulaSuitable for all hair types, even the finestL..
Rene Furterer Style Laque 300 ml is a finishing spray with Jojoba vegetable extract. Spray in fine mist, it instantaneously fixed the hair for a long duration and natural maintain. Its care-formula protects the capillary fiber and enhances the hair. This finishing spray reveals a light hair, supple,..
Style Holding Gel 150 ml is a gel with Jojoba vegetable extract.Concentrated in holding actives, it sculpts the hairstyles in an instant and without any residues. Its non-sticky care formula protects hair fiber and preserves its beauty.150 mlHair are sculpted, hairstyles fixed in beauty, without car..
Rene Furterer Style Holding Spray 150 ml is a spray with Jojoba vegetable extract. Thanks to its high precision diffusion, it allows to structurate the hairstyle by durably fixing the strands.Its care-formula protects the hair fiber and enhances the hair. Hairstyles are durably fixed for a precise m..
Rene Furterer Style Sculpting Mousse 200ml is a foam with Jojoba vegetable extract. It provides natural volume of long duration to the hair and facilitates the shaping of the hairstyle.Its care-formula protects hair-fiber and reveals hair beauty. Brushing are sublime, curls disciplined for a structu..
Rene Furterer Style Shine Mist 200 ml is a care with Jojoba vegetable extract, Aerial and Crystalline. This mist instantaneously illuminates and provides a final touch to every hairstyles.Its care-formula protects the hair fiber and preserves the beauty of the hair. It reveals a "mirror" brilliance ..
Furterer Style Texture Spray 200 ml is a spray with Jojoba vegetable extract. Spray in fine and invisible mist, it instantaneously provides texture, volume and shine to your hair.Its care-formula protects the hair fiber and enhances the hair. This is instantaneously texturized and hairstyles durably..
Furterer Style Thermal Protecting Spray 150 ml is a spray with Jojoba vegetable extract. Genuine anti-heat shield, it protects hair from hairdryer and hair straighteners or curling irons up to 220°c.Its care-formula preserves and enhances the hair. Hairstyle is facilitated, hair is supple and light ..
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